Hello lovelies! How is the week going? Hope you guys are doing well? I miss posting frequently but school owns me for the next couple of months hence the Wednesdays only posts (we could call it Wednesdays with Rosie, cool huh (it was cool in my head) yea). I would be doing some series every now and then, sometimes poetry other times prose. So here we go! Continue reading “SHACKLES (1)”

New Year, New Me?

I was going to go on and on, about how it is pointless to have a new year’s resolution and how this is the first year I am without one. However, I do have a simple and adequate goal for the year which is to “Grow!” But then I remembered, it’s been 11 days into the year and I have been AWOL (such disrespect to you guys, apologies) so Happy New Year guys!!!! How is it going? Is it just me or is it going super fast? Continue reading “New Year, New Me?”